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Altair VR is the first VR platform for world
discovery built on blockchain technology
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What is Altair VR?
7 years
500.000 children

We have been working in the field of additional education for over 7 years. During this time, we managed to build the largest network of mobile planetariums in Russia and the CIS, there by introducing more than 500.000 children to astronomy.

Amazing Cinema
VR Planetarium

We wanted to improve the quality of our planetariums as well as find ways to make them globally accessible. We found a solution in Virtual Reality technology.

Earlier this year, we launched the Amazing Cinema application. In just six months, over 300.000 people downloaded the app and in April we launched the Virtual Planetarium franchise, which already works in 18 cities.

Next-gen VR Wikipedia

The next stage is the creation of a platform that will allow to virtually discover the world through teaching and interactive games – a type of Virtual Encyclopedia for natural sciences including, but not limited to chemistry, physics, biology, geography, and history.

We have created a VR encyclopedia in which anyone can create their own content and share their interpretation of knowledge. Content on the site will be generated according to the users’ preferences and selected through a voting process.

Our experience and plans
2010, start

We establish Portable Planetariums in Novosibirsk and Altai.


We launch our own production of Portable Planetariums.


We expand and provide planetarium services in the rest of Siberia.


We have built the largest chain of portable planetariums. We provide services throughout Russia.


Over 500.000 children have already visited our planetariums.


We develop and launch Space Touch ONE projection system and begin its sales.

We become a distributor of several studios that produce spherical content.

January, 2017

We launch the world's first spherical cinema Amazing Cinema for VR goggles.

Now everybody is able to visit a planetarium without leaving home.

February, 2017

We receive a $10.000 grant from Amazon to assist the global launch of the CDN network.

March, 2017

Altair Digital becomes a finalist of the StartUp Tour Skolkovo competition.

April, 2017

We launch the sales of the Virtual Planetarium franchise. Now schoolkids can visit a planetarium and watch educational films in their own classroom.

We are rated as one of the top-100 European startups and present our project at the Webit Summit in Bulgaria.

May, 2017

The Amazing Cinema application is downloaded more than 150.000 times. It is on the Oculus Gear VR TOP-10 of the best free applications.

June, 2017

We raise $35.000 during the IIDF fund pre-seed round and begin a three-month acceleration program.

We reach the finals of the Russian competition Startup Village in Moscow and are rated as one of the top 15 startups.

July, 2017

We receive a $120.000 grant from Microsoft Azure.

August, 2017

The Amazing Cinema application is named the best free application and takes the 1st place in the Oculus Gear VR app chart.

September, 2017

We pass the competitive selection and obtain the right to participate in a 3-month MEGA accelerator program, for which only 9 teams out of 279 are accepted.

The Virtual Planetarium is presented at the Educational Exhibition EdCrunch.

October, 2017

We become the winners of the MTS Telecom Idea competition.

November, 2017

We win in the MosGortTech contest.

As part of the MEGA accelerator program, we test our pilot product in the MEGA Khimki shopping mall.

December, 2017

18 regions of Russia already operate under the franchise of the Virtual Planetarium.

We present the Virtual Encyclopedia at the Nokia head office in Finland.

We become the Best IT company in Novosibirsk.

Q1, 2018

Start of the Altair VR ICO. Participants of the member-only pre-sale can obtain up to 70% bonus.

We launch the content distribution system Fulldome.LIVE.

Q2, 2018

The basic version of the platform becomes operational. Main features are implemented, as well as the Earth scale, for which several educational experiences will be available. Third-party experiences can be added manually.

Q3, 2018

Space, time, and scale axes are added. Users can move within a chosen level in time, in space, or change the scale axis and move to another level where another experience is available.

Q4, 2018

Virtual Guru. We add a virtual assistant that will be able to guide users within the neural network, explaining new experiences and acting as a narrator.

Voting and tenders. Developers present educational experience scenarios, the community votes and decides which content will be developed. Development is sponsored using the Altair VR token reserve fund.

Q1, 2019

Crowdfunding mechanism. Each user can post their ideas for new content, putting up to a community vote. Those wishing to pre-order will be funded by the company.

Q2, 2019

Creation of virtual tours and lessons. A sufficient number of different experiments will be available on the platform to compile individual cognitive tours. Creation of lessons for children.

Q3, 2019

API for developers. Creation of VR experiments is already available to a large number of users. A simple navigation system is developed using a neural network, allowing for free virtual travel and discovery of the world.

of the Altair VR platform
Open educational platform where you can add your own VR content and monetize it
Very low fees amounting to only 10% of the cost of the application, which is 3-4 times lower than most competitors
VR time machine allows you to see different historical events from multiple points of view
Platform will both finance and sponsor content creation based on a system of tenders and user preferences
Personal virtual assistant, working on a neural network, remembers your preferences and selects new experiences for you
Most existing VR applications waste your time. With Altair VR, you invest time in your personal development and growth
Why Blockchain
Decentralized storage of data on the blockchain is the key to maintaining the system's independence and stability
The community manages the content created through transparent voting
All payments on the platform are completely transparent and commissions are low. Furthermore, we maintain full control of copyrights and content royalties
Information for participants
You can get acquainted with our project by downloading the White Paper or our investment presentation
Action plan depending on the amount of funds raised
Upon reaching each new threshold, we will expand and improve our development team, allowing for a larger, more varied, more detailed platform
Raised funds $5M $10M $20M $30M $40M $50M
Basic functionality + + + + + +
Guide and neural network-based tours - + + + + +
Crowdfunding mechanism - + + + + +
Integration into school curriculum - - - - + +
VR experience constructor - - - - - +

Marketing targets
USA + + + + + +
Europe - + + + + +
Asia - - + + + +
World - - - + + +
Distribution of tokens and funds
50% ITO
32% Platform fund
15% Team, Investors
3% Bounty
2% Advisory pool
Raised funds allocation
40% Marketing
39% R&D;
10% Team
5% Legal
5% Administrative
1% Charity
Token Sale
Rules of token sale

A total of ALT tokens will be issued. There will be no additional emission. The minimum purchase amount is 0.05 ETH. 1 ETH = 10000 ALT Tokens. All tokens for the team will be frozen for one year.

After the platform’s launch, the smart contract will burn 1% of the total number of tokens in circulation daily, until only 10% of the initial token emission remains.

Stages of token sale

February 26, 2021 - the start of pre-ITO. Soft-cap 500 ETH, hard-cap 10.000 ETH. Bonus for participants is 25%. The duration of the stage is 15 days or until the hard cap is reached.

On April 16 - May 31, 2021 - the main round of ITO. Hard-cap - sale of all tokens. Bonuses for early participants include: the first day is 15%, the first week is 10%, the second week is 7%, the third week is 5%. There will be no further bonuses after the third week.

Pre-sale has already started
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